Have you Experienced The magic of Spring Dragon Longevity Tea?


Flood your body with beauty and longevity power with a fine blend of Chinese tonic herbs found in Ron Teeguarden’s Spring Dragon Longevity Tea!

The herbs found in the Spring Dragon tea formula are some of the world’s premier, anti-aging and rejuvenating natural substances ever! These six herbs have been identified to fall into the elite class of ancient Chinese herbs, of it’s entire medical pharmacopeia. There are thousands of herbs found in Chinese medicine but only a quarter of that amount are the supreme Tonics.

Astragalus root, one of the most famous herbs known in China, without stimulating, Astragalus root is known to drastically increase one’s overall energy with consistent consumption. Astragalus is well known to tonify the Lungs, thus increasing oxygen intake.Astragalus is also renown to fortify the immune system.

The five-flavored fruit, another popular herb used by all Empresses in the Chinese Dynasties. Schisandra berry, known to be salty, sweet, sour, spicy and astringent all in one bite! Schisandra is known to clean and strengthen the Liver as well as beautifying not just a womans, but a mans skin too. “After a 100 day’s of consumption of Schisandra berries as a snack or as a tea would turn an elderly womans skin as clear as that of a procelain doll.” Schisandra was used regularly by all Chinese Empresses and Goddesses throughout history.

Eleuthero root, also known recognized as Siberian Ginseng, renown for it’s adaptogenic enhancing abilities, which helps one to handle stress at ease. Eleuthero is known to prevent fatigue, strengthen immune function, it benefits in mental and physical stamina as well as enhancing memory and mental awareness.

Lycium fruit, is the most famous berry in traditional medical history, in China, Lycium fruit, in other words, also known as the Goji berry, has been revered as one of the top anti-aging, longevity foods ever. The Goji berry has a long ancient history in the Orient of China and has been enjoyed as a sweet snack as well as a deep, rejuvinating and calming tea. Goji berry is known to build sexual fluids and beautify the skin. The Goji berry has every essential amino acid and contains rare and essential minerals. Goji berry is well renown as a longevity superfood packed with anti-oxidants and is known to help remove excess weight in daily consumption.

This sweet fruit, Luo Han Guo, is a famous sweetner used in many Chinese herbal formulations. Luo Han Guo is considered to tonify the Lungs and strengthen immune function. Luo Han Guo fruit is used as a sweetner that is 300X sweeter than refined sugar and it doesn’t even spike blood sugar levels, whichmakes this fruit a safe to use sweetener.

Finally, the supreme anti-aging, anti-immflatory green leaf found in South East China, Gynostemma. Gynostemma is a leaf that people in local villages of South East China would consume on a regular basis. An observation made in Japan, that the villagers all lived a long, healthy and harmonious life. The Japanese noticed that everyone in the village we’re consuming this green leaf tea, known as Gynostemma. Japanese scientists soon discovered Gynostemma’s benefits, such as strengthening immune function and maintaing the health and integrity of the immune system, also reducing immflation in the body, enhancing sexual functions, preventing fatigue, calm the nerves, improve digestion and has a cleansing effect on the intestinal tract.

From my personal experience with everyday consumption of Spring Dragon tea improved my ability to adapt to different environments at ease, also having a profound impact on reducing inflammation in my body and providing me with a sense of calmness and balance.

try it out today!!!!

$15 (20 sachets, 1 bag brews a whole pot!)
e-mail Marina@Lovemovement.ca


2 thoughts on “Have you Experienced The magic of Spring Dragon Longevity Tea?

  1. Honestly this is a delicious tea, especially when you add coconut oil! Yum! (Bonusl lip hydration, too!) It’s invigorating, and also an adaptogen, so it’s perfect to rev you up in the morning and relax you at night. A must-have in your pantry, in my opinion!

  2. Just tried this tea last night, and now drinking it for the second time already today. It’s awesome – naturally nicely sweet, tastes smooth and flavorful but not potent. I am looking for a tea I can drink almost every day that has anti-inflammatory properties and nerve-calming after effects. Last night my hands and body were sore and tight, and today I’m feeling lighter and overall more comfortable. Wow…

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