Cooking with Superfoods: Miso Shaitake Soup with Curried Cauliflower Tabouleh Salad

Quick, Easy, Delicious and OPTIMALLY Nutritious! One of the most beautiful aspects of “alchemizing” food using superfoods and only the purest ingredients is the amazing flavors and textures you can make with such few ingredients. Check out Elemental Alchemist and Freestyle Chef Derik Singh’s recipe for success! You are what you eat!


 Let’s take a peak inside the Miso Shiitake Soup! In this soup you’ll find:
-Thinly sliced Shiitake mushrooms
-Goji berries
-Green Onion
-Miso paste
-Lemon juice
-Coconut oil
-Spring Dragon Gynostemma tea as the base

Begin by steeping a bag of Spring Dragons Gynostemma tea in hot water for ten minutes, meanwhile begin by prepping your vegetables!
I invite you not to follow any recipe, but add as much as you will or as you feel you need to, so you may really develop the inner alchemist
within yourself.

For one bowl of Miso Shiitake Soup, thinly slice two large fresh Shiitake mushrooms, slice up a tablespoons worth of green Onion,
toss in about a tablespoon of Goji berries, squeeze the juice of half a lemon in the bowl, I’m not so shy when it comes to adding seaweed
into my dishes, but feel free to add less, roughly put about 1/3 of a cup of whole Dulse into your bowl as well, along with all the other
ingredients. Now your tea should be done steeping, add about  a cup and a half of tea into your blender with a heaping tablespoon of
Miso paste, I recommend you buy the Miso pastes at your local health food store, especially the pastes with the Koji culture inside,
because its that culture that protects you against radiation and it also has the ability to pull tar right out of your lungs, I always
make sure that the Miso pastes I personally get, are the one’s that have cultures such as Koji in it! Then, within your blender, add
in a generous amount of Coconut oil, roughly about two tablespoons worth and blend! Once done blending, poor that into your bowl and let it sit for about five minutes to allow the Goji berries and Dulse to soften up and enjoy!

This soup is anti-inflammatory, it’s protective for the Thyroid due to the high levels of Iodine found in the Dulse, this soup is also
strengthening to the immune system with the Goji berries assisting the body with polysaccharides which stimulates more white
blood cells to fight off pathogens, this soup will also help you in maintaining your natural body weight, with the Coconut oil supplying the body with medium chain fatty-acids, this helps the body burn up the bad fats and bad cholesterol known as LDL which clog the arteries up! Make sure that your Coconut oil is extra virgin, cold pressed Coconut oil.

Now to enjoy a whole meal experience with a lovely Curry Tabouleh Salad to be followed up after a delightful Soup, we give you this
recipe to manipulate in your own fun ways!

Steam up about two cups of Cauliflower, once Cauliflower is nice and tender, chop it down or finely pulse it in your food processor.
In a bowl, add in the Cauliflower and stir in about a teaspoon of Turmeric powder, a tablespoon of Curry powder and half a tablespoon of sea salt. Now finely chop up about 1/4 of a cup of fresh Mint! A generous cup of fresh Parsley and finally a 1/4 of a cup of fresh Basil! Diced up one Tomato to add into the addition and the juice of one whole Lemon. Finely diced about 1/4 of a cup of red Onion, then stir all these ingredients in the bowl with absolute love! Always taste it before serving it, make sure its at your acquired taste, serve a cup of this Tabouleh in a nice bowl and slice up a few cherry tomatoes and feel free to stir in your favorite healthy dressing!


Derik Singh is a freestyle chef and nutrition enthusiast who specializes in preparing mouth watering meals with ingredients on hand, using the most nutritious foods ever. Never following recipes and rarely using measurements Derik is a true alchemist who transforms meal time into a magical unforgettable experience that your body, soul,  and taste buds will never forget!


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