Desserts that transform you into superhero – not fatso!

Article By Derik Singh
What’s your favorite ice cream brand? Dairy Queen? Haagen Dazs? Ben and Jerry’s?
NO it’s not, it’s over at my temple on the eve of the Full Moon slinging the Jing with Chinese Tonic herbs busting out the most insane medicinal chocolate fudge Sundae I’ve ever made!
Celebrating Life, celebrating this moment, to be alive and breathing. This “ice cream dream” pictured above is composed of herbs such as Gynostemma leaf, Reishi mushroom, Cordyceps mushroom, Astragalus root extracts, black Maca root powder, raw Cacao powder, local Buckwheat Honey, homemade Pumpkin seed mylk, lot’s of passion, lot’s of heart and other decadent and magical ingredients.
I can safely say that this Sundae, yes this Sundae will modulate immunity, stimulate consciousness, increase cognitive function, help with the maintenance of your natural body weight, power up metabolism, feed the glands and provide you with an experience beyond belief!!
To learn more about cooking with superior herbs and nutrition please contact us at

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