Did You Know A Chocolate Can Do That?


Chocolates (Photo credit: J. Paxon Reyes)

Article by Marina Love

I smile every time it happens – I just finished explaining to a curious chocolaholic what makes my magical chocolates different than conventional chocolates and I get that expected response “how on earth does a chocolate do that!?” almost with a twist of skepticism.

Well, my lovely reader – the doing in question is the result of the health benefits of what can be produced when chocolate is left in it’s raw state and prepared with other densely nutritious ingredients. Chocolate alone is a very mineral dense substance, when it is with minimal processing and uncooked.  There was a reason why the cacao bean was the world’s first currency and was only reserved for the elite status following it’s discovery in the 1600’s. In a time where science merely existed other than how people felt after consuming chocolate it goes to show how valuable and miraculous it truly is!

I have came to you with the facts to prove that pure unprocessed chocolate (cacao) is magical for your health packed full of incredible vitamins, minerals, and natural bliss chemicals, I think it’s acceptable to say that it is at point of being medicinal.

Español: Xocolatada (Chocolatada)

Español: Xocolatada (Chocolatada) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    • With 15x more antioxidants than blueberries, 20X more than green tea, and 30x more than red wine, cacao is undeniably the #1 antioxidant food in the world!
    • Cacao also contains the highest natural source of iron, maganese, and chromium – which helps balance blood sugar, blood building, and de-stressing. It is also extraordinarily rich in phosphorus, (bone building)  and zinc, (healthy nervous system).

What can happen to your body when you eat super foods from around the world, that contain more nutrients and health benefits from your conventional ones is something best described by someone who has many years of their consumption. For many years I have been dabbling and experimenting with different exotic super foods, from cacao, maca, and goji berries, to shilajit and the medicinal mushroom kingdom, I can whole-heartedly say that it changed my life! When I started incorporating raw cacao specifically into my diet it gently healed me from my long standing relationship with binge eating disorder. It took away my annoying and painful cravings and gave me a positive outlook while increasing my focus and awareness. I now live a life of sensuality, love, and beauty thanks to this magical substance and it inspired me so much that I wanted to share it with the world and that is how my company “Guiltless” was born.

Did you know chocolate can do that?

A cacao tree with fruit pods in various stages...

A cacao tree with fruit pods in various stages of ripening. Taken on the Big Island (Hawaii) in the botanical gardens. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

*Guiltless chocolates are infused with various superfoods from around the world, potentiating the effect of cacao alone. Infusions include Maca, Reishi mushroom, Goji Berries, Spirulina, peppermint, and mucuna. The ingredients are also Raw, organic, and in some cases WILD. Stimulate your creativity and taste the cosmos!

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