Beauty D.I.Y – How to Make your Hair grow faster, stronger, and healthier!

Article By: Marina Love

This week I was visiting my best friend’s health forum online and noticed there was a woman asking how to make your hair grow faster? This question got me so excited – as a former dancer/model in the entertaining arts industry I have had my hair dyed, burned, braided, fussed, and downright TORTURED, I know a lot about this subject matter and have experimented and tried just about every scalp serum and concoction for bringing my hair back to life. Which inspired me to share with all the ladies (and gentlemen too) out there who have put their hair and scalp through torture and want their hair to grow quicker and more beautiful then EVER before!

S.O.S Multipurpose Hair Mask

Mix together in 2 cups of coconut oil about 5 drops each of doTerra’s essential oils;

Roman Chamomile





This combination of oils helps fortify and nourish the scalp along with effectively cleaning the scalp so that the hair folicles are not plugged therefore, it will assist in making your hair grow quicker. I recommend putting a generous on the scalp and massaging it in, making sure it is distributed root to tip (also gives the hair a good moisturizing treatment) Leave on for at least 20 minutes – it feels SO good and the therapeutic effects of the doTerra oils will help de-stress and calm you. A multi-beneficial hair and scalp mask!!! Enjoy

Essential Oils are essential to your life if you are living an upgraded lifestyle. By using the power of PURE essential oils you can take control of your health!!! doTerra essential oils are one of a kind, the only oil on the market that goes through extra testing and care to ensure its quality and pureness.


2 thoughts on “Beauty D.I.Y – How to Make your Hair grow faster, stronger, and healthier!

  1. Aloha Cara – depending on the climate and the style in which you wear your hair you can just rinse it out. However I recommend using shampoo and conditioner afterwards.

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