dōTERRA Essential Oil Spotlight: Patchouli

Have you been Judging your body? Feeling ashamed of your body image? Or experiencing disconnect or tensions in your body?

 Try “The Oil of Physicality” for relief!

Patchouli supports us in being fully present in the physical body. This oil can support us in learning to appreciate the physical body, and to release feelings of judgment, shame or tension from the body. Through the help of Patchouli oil, we can experience greater poise, stamina, and physical strength. When we feel physically drained, or attempt to escape the body in anyway, Patchouli can help us to ground and reconnect. Patchouli can be supportive in calming hyperactivity. It also supports us in learning how to live in moderation. This oil is incredibly complimentary to physical exercises that connect spirit and body such as Yoga, Tai chi, or Qi-gong.

Patchouli essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves and flowers of a medium sized (up to three foot high) leafy bush with small pinkish-white flowers.  The plant is of the mint family and is native to the tropical regions of Asia.  It is now widely grown in Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, West Africa, Vietnam and can be cultivated in the Americas.  There are three primary species of the plant, cablin, heyneanus, and hortenis. Many essential oils come from the heyneanus which is a less effective oil.  DoTerra uses the oil distilled from the cablin species that produces the best essential oil and has a noticeably different odor than the inferior oils.

Patchouli has been used by Asian cultures for centuries for its medicinal properties.  Because of its properties it was used to fight infections, for digestive disorders, for skin care, and as an antidote for insect and even snake bites.  In our modern era it became popular with the hippie generation during the ‘60s for, maybe other than truly medicinal purchases.  Both Tisserand and Schnaubelt mention the pungent odor even likening it to the “smell of goats, musty attics and old coats”.  This strong and persistent odor elicits both positive and negative responses.  Some suggest its heavy, musty odor becomes an acquired taste and the odor has the unique property of “improving with age” like a fine wine.

Suggested Uses

  • Apply to the bottom of feet and anoint on wrists with Vetiver oil for an instant grounding effect
  • Diffuse alone or blended with other essential oils for a calming and soothing effect
  • Add 10 drops of Patchouli, Myrrh, and Geranium essential oils to your moisturizer for a homemade wrinkle cream
  • Apply a few drops of Patchouli oil on the bottom of your feet and just below the navel before exercising

Essential Oils are essential to your life if you are living an upgraded lifestyle. By using the power of PURE essential oils you can take control of your health!!! doTerra essential oils are one of a kind, the only oil on the market that goes through extra testing and care to ensure its quality and pureness


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