Use these Exotic Foods to Increase your Reproductive Health


It’s Derik Singh here and today I would like to talk about Black foods and your health; What are they specifically, How crucial they are to the integrity of our reproductive health, where to find them and how we can incorporate these foods into our lives now.

Living in the Laurentians of Quebec, I’ve adopted the practice of foraging my own wild medicines. One of these medicines is known as Chaga mushroom, you may remember seeing the article about our Wild Chaga Forage a few weeks ago. This is a native medicinal mushroom that prospers all over North America, but especially in the colder climates of this region. Chaga mushroom is also known as Innonotus Obliquus  or as the King of All Medicinal Fungis.

Harvesting Chaga  mushroom has become a weekly ritual for me, I love Chaga not only for it’s immune strengthening and modulating benefits, but also for it’s beautifying benefits too. Chaga mushroom contains an array of beneficial compounds, it is almost as abundant as Cacao in anti-oxidants. Cacao is known as the number one anti-oxidant rich containing substance in the world, yet Chaga mushroom now ranks as the second richest anti-oxidant containing substance in the world. Also another good thing to know about Chaga is it is also rich in zinc.

Zinc is the ultimate Jing mineral, which contributes to the over all beauty of one’s skin, hair and nails, but also to the integrity of both, male and female reproductive organs. As for males, zinc is essential for the production of testosterone, maintaining the health of the prostate gland and the maintenance of one’s sexual performance. As for females, zinc is vital for hormone regulation, maintaining the balance between progesterone and estrogen levels. It is vital for proper egg development and production, and is essential for increasing sexual fluids in the follicles, with the fallopian tubes being dry, the egg cannot travel the course to enter the uterus for implantation. Also, for males, with zinc deficiency’s is a contributing factor to immature sperm cells, not having the mobility and strength in traveling on the long journey through the vagina, cervix and into the uterus for fertilization to take place.

So, as we can clearly see here, zinc plays an absolute crucial role, in the fertility and integrity of humanity as a species as we continue to procreate, generation after generation, maintaining high levels of zinc within the body, prevents degeneration to a certain degree from carrying on. As it is in today’s modern world, where sexual reproductive organs, glands are increasingly becoming smaller and more infertile in both men and women, causing the development of sterile children, which weaves us deeper into the pathway of domestication.

The idea of “black foods” is based on the fact, that the dark rich, pigmented foods, are the foods which are abundant in zinc. Let’s check out other black foods that are rich in zinc: black sesame seeds, he shou wu root, black maca root, cacao, pumpkin seeds and raw pumpkin seed oil, polyrachis ant, black rice, and shilajit.

He Shou Wu root, one of my favorite all time herbs in the world, this is the premier, longevity, anti-aging, rejuvination substance in Daoist tonic herbalism. He Shou Wu is famously known to quadruple the sperm count of a man in a month, and it is known to strengthen the ovaries of a woman. It also has a profound effect on enhancing the kidneys, thus increases blood production, the integrity of the skeletal structure, bone marrow, hair, skin, knees, joints, and tendons.

He Shou Wu, is famous for it’s ability to prevent the loss of hair, or even prevent the development of grey hair from premature aging. He Shou Wu, also known as Polygonum, is the ultimate, rejuvination substance, I believe that it ranks as one the herbs that enhances fertility in woman and male potency in men and has a long term effect with consistent consumption, having a permanent effect on the integrity of reproductive power for the betterment.

Another medicinal favorite black food of mine – Polyrachis Ant……Ant? Yes! Ant! The consumption of insects has been a long tradition of indigenous cultures from all over the world, for their broad spectrum of nutritional benefits. You will find a perticular species of Ant, known as the Polyrachis species, originating from the mountains of Changhai. Polyrachis Ant is one of the adaptogenic superstars of all Chinese medicine, Polyrachis Ant, is nourishing to one’s energy and Blood and is also known to restore vitality.

Polyrachis Ant has is known to be one of the highest containing sources of zinc among all living organisms. Zinc, being a critical element in healthy human sexual function. Ant is also highly rich in all sorts of nutritional compounds, such as vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, D and E. For the 50% of the dried weight of Ant itself is protein, Ant contains more than 8 kinds of amino acids.

So, keep those zinc levels high, I recommend that you supplement zinc, with whole food sources, like those we’ve gone through in this article and begin to value your reproductive health much more, than what it appears to do for you, but begin to look more at what it does, for all of us, as one species.

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