Goddess Circle Retreats

Many women across the globe are seeking empowerment, joy, community, and true beauty/well-being that shines and radiates.

Are you a woman who is tired of competing with other woman and would you like to join a powerful sisterhood of women who nurture each others development and honor each others inner wisdom?

Do you feel like your friends dont REALLY get you? and are you LOOKING to connect with other spiritually minded STRONG Powerful and sacred soul sisters?

Are ready to learn how to cultivate inner and outer beauty? and ready to make profound transformations and step into your full power and beauty?
For those unfamiliar with the power of the Goddess Circle – it’s time you get familiar!

Did you know? Marina has been gathering woman (and men) and encouraging the growth of an ancient practice (Called Goddess Circles) across North America since 2012.


Goddess circles are formal or informal gatherings in the interest of bonding, sharing energy, and creating ritual. The origins of women’s circles are ancient, but their applications are as modern as the women who participate in them. There are no hard and fast rules as to how to form a women’s circle or how to run one. Some circles invent their own agendas, rituals, goals, and ceremonies, while others borrow ideas from sources as far-ranging as Buddhist or Native American cultures.

Marina’s Goddess circles are extraordinarily powerful as they provide a platform for deep reflection, shadow work, support, wisdom, and most importantly TRANSFORMATION. They are a place where Cherished friendships, unstoppable confidence, motivation, and unconditional love and support are built.

The seeds of transformational sisterhood are beginning to spread!

Be a part of this transformational phenomena!

“Coming into Marina’s Goddess circle has been extremely needed and beneficial. We are at that time where we as goddesses need to regain our rightful place and reunite. I am so grateful to have met these beautiful sisters. I recommend any womBman to experience a session with Marina Love. She is so on point and amazingly in tune. When you are looking for that balance in your life emotionally, spiritually, physically, you recognize that voice within you speaking through another sister and that’s what Marina does.” – Sheba Blaise, Montreal QC


Marina Love is inviting you to come along, laugh, transform and get nurtured in her magical Laurentian Sanctuary! Introducing………

Goddess Circle Retreats!!!!!!!

Make 2014 the year you discover what stepping into your Goddess shoes and strutting your stuff is all about! Introducing 6 Retreat style workshops + Goddess Circles to get you glowing and radiant while learning all about the magic and empowerment behind divine feminine connection and sacred sisterhood as a bonus!

Come cultivate your inner goddess while being entirely pampered and surrounded by amazing women!!

There will be a huge download of information that is guaranteed to change your consciousness!

“Begin to learn my secrets to becoming a money, man, and miracle magnet! (or whatever it is you are trying to attract!)” -Marina Love

As well as delicious treats a la Guiltless Chocolates and Catering by the Shamanic Chef

Dates + Info

Retreat #1 January 10th: How to Eat like a Goddess

  • Find out what the forbidden “S” word is and how to get with the latest in longevity and beauty through your diet!
  • Lesson on the top EXOTIC 5 superfoods for goddess-like beauty, weight maintenance (loss, gain, or balance) and emotional harmony.
  • Learn the ancient alchemy of “Al Iksr” crafting, turning liquid nutrition into fuel for your dreams!
  • You will learn how to eat for pleasure and indulgence without consequence physically, mentally, or emotionally.

Retreat #2 January 25th: Goddess Beauty

  • Ditch your foundation, concealers, and high end creams: Learn the 3 elements of having clear, ageless, and radiantly glowing skin naturally!
  • Confused on how to take care of yourself? Find out the truth behind the Beauty Industry and learn the real deal when it comes to self-care
  • You will find out how to take your power back and learn how to use Marina’s Top 5 essential oils for Goddess-like beauty. Never guessing on how to use essential oils, or what oil is for you again!

Retreat #3 February 15th: Goddess Moon Cycle

  • Marina is going to reveal the shocking truth about your menstral cycles, feminine hygiene, and birth control.
  • You will learn how to honor your “Moon time” and the 3 Essential elements you need to know in order never experience a cramp another day in your life!
  • Where do you think the saying “Lunatic” comes from? Receive powerful teachings of Gitana wisdom and the Moon, and how this effects you!

Retreat #4 March 1st: Goddess mystic

  • Think you are psychic? here you will receive a workshop on feeling and perceiving energy
  • Learn the ancient practices of sheilding, grounding, and smudging. Which will position you to have strength and control no matter what life hurls at you!
  • Marina is also going to teach you about building an Altar Space and you will also receive an introduction to crystal healing!

Retreat #5 March 15th: Goddess Physique

  • Marina is going to deliver a workshop on body image and how to maintain a healthy perception of your body where you stop comparing yourself to others!
  • Do you find yourself killing yourself at the gym? Marina Love is going to show you why this is so unnecessary!
  • Learn the fun exercise that NASA endorses as one of the most effective workouts of all time where you have too much fun where you don’t even notice you are working out!

Retreat #6 March 29th: Chocolate Goddess Celebration!

  • Learn the history and magic of the sacred CACAO (chocolate)
  • Are you a raging chocoholic? No problem! Marina is going to give you a complete workshop on how to make a Guiltless Chocolate Treat to banish cravings for good!
  • This evenings festivities will also include a chocolate party and ending in a sacred Cacao Goddess Ceremony!

You won’t want to miss this transformational opportunity!

All retreats Include lush overnight accommodations and meals by Shamanic Chef.

Transporation can be arranged from Montmorency Metro in laval for those who require it.

Register before Dec. 31st and SAVE

Cost per each retreat $135 (Save $75!)
Buy all 6 for $600 (50% off!)


PhSho Corinne Ardon 138

“Marina is a very skillful teacher who knows what she is speaking about. You feel her passion, her dedication towards healing and empowering people and our environment. Her knowledge about nutrition is amazing. In an environment that sends so much wrong information she helps us clarify and understand what is best for us. Her commitment is contagious and she makes you feel better and more beautiful. Thank you Marina!”

– Corrine Ardon, Conference Interpreter, Montreal QC


“Inspiration, genuine listening ear, and instinctive guidance. Very wonderful experience, I pray and meditate to relive again and again. Sister Marina is truly blessed on her mission to reinforce the Sisterhood, Womanhood, Queenhood, and Goddesshood. Bless you beautiful soul.”

– Matea Saba, Montreal QC


“Marina’s knowledge and passion is next to none when it comes to her work and her lore to make each and everyone healthier and better in all ways – body-mind-spirit. She is delightful!” 

– Evalina Turpin, Actress/Producer/Stunt Actress/Sky Diver, Montreal, QC


“Marina Brings me to a whole new world of living. In a blessed offering from mother nature. Every time I join her workshop, I feel like I’m getting the ancient magical secret of life lecture from the eldest chief of the legendary lady village. I learn so much! I believe people in old times have lived in peace and harmony with nature, no waste, and take what’s given with gratitude. Basically, that’s what Marina Love is destined to show the world. And she is doing a beyond amazing job. We need Marina in schools, hospitals, and homes. It is really so sad that the world has come to this point to produce what is harmful and intoxicating to ourselves. I support Marina highly and she is taking us all back to the root of healing within ourselves, that echoes back to mother earth.  It is incredible, she is magical, I feel very blessed to have met Marina Love. Life changes a new begins…”

– Takako Haremaki, Artiste/Nail superstar (TicoNail), Montreal QC


” MARINA LOVE IS PURE LOVE! Her studies made me want to be more into me, and take care of my inner strength and be healthy and powerful! Being close to nature is the key to success!”

– Annik Boivin, Producer/Publisher, Montreal QC

After December 31st the prices will be as follows
Per retreat $200
For all 6 $1200

Don’t Live in Quebec? NO PROBLEM!

Marina also offers 6 Goddess Training Sessions over skype!

Which covers the same content for those who are located elsewhere!

or for those looking for a more 1-on-1 approach, you are welcome to come for a private workshop.

Have a group of women interested in Goddess Circles?

Marina also facilites the same trainings/circles and will travel to your location if you have a group of 4 or more women wanting to learn in the comfort of their own environments.

E-mail Marina@Lovemovement.ca with your information and what workshop you would like.

Don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of this magical transformational experience! Allow 2014 to be the year you BE, DO, HAVE, and CREATE the life of your dreams!

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