Marina Love on 2014 Keep Going, Keep Giving, Keep Flowing

“Dream Dream Dream the Dream….”

This year all I want to see is a new level of peace. Inner and Outer. True authentic, soft and warm, Never mind the money, fame, and fortune…. Look at the mess the world has become. We have literally lost ourselves, our true nature of humbleness and slowly, slowly now we are beginning to wake up from the amnesia, and remember who we are….. Not this materialistic mess life has made us up to believe.

Be True to yourself. Humanity I have watched you wake up over the last 3 years. Where LOVE and Unity became in-style. I witnessed a few brave ones quitting your 9-5’s and embarking on the heart and soul’s work in alignment with the true you. This heart mission that as no guarantees, other than the reassurance of the YOURSELF, and the passion fires of your hearts.

I am proud of you brave and fearless ones……

I have watched you become aware of the truth behind those wars, the banking systems, and the crooks on Wall Street, as well as the poisoning from the music industry and media. The fact that innocent people are dying every day for the sake of oil and money.

The new movement will be a peaceful non-cooperation with the system where the heart energy of compassion being beamed into those areas…..

Truth be told these beings could not commit such unjust and cruel acts if they know LOVE.

Nothing prevails about LOVE. It stops this cruelty dead in it’s tracks.

We are powerful and we are responsible

Keep going….

I watched you become aware of GMO’s and how conventional food is breaking us down and taking away our health and diminishing our IQ. I watched you rally and protest, and how you put a lot of energy into those actions.

From a gypsy mystic, I see you humanity…understand that wherever attention goes energy flows. What is needed now when dissolving Monsanto is less protests and rallying (which are actions caused from fear and anger, aggression). We must act from love. Again, another peaceful un-cooperation with this food system.

Focus your energy off the streets in protest, but rather go in your hearts and teach those around you what products are from Monsanto. Vote with your dollars and show people how to bankrupt them!

Keep going….

I have watched you become alarmed, concerned, and worried about the situation with our contaminated waters and radiation.

Have you doubted the power of you heart? AND the magic it contains?

Make no mistake, for there is no greater power. Simply pray for the clear, ever flowing, clean, pristine ocean waters. Send it love.

Keep going….

Greed dissolve into Giving. And know once and for all I don’t suggest donating to charities. After your money goes there, you have no idea where it goes or whom will benefit from it. 99% of charities for “cures” are going towards pharmaceutical research further poisoning those with dis-ease. RE-THINK PINK, AND ALL THOSE PINK RIBBONS.

What about supporting individuals who are out there making a difference?

Individuals who teach true health, harmony, and love teaching people to heal themselves naturally and pull dis-ease out by the root. Help support the beauty and development of heart-based missions. Not money centered stupidity. I am sorry for my harshness, but this world must wake up. Give to those who you know deserve it…..Keep Giving….Keep Flowing…Keep knowing…


And as you enter into 2014 know that you are LOVED and SAFE.


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