I’m Not Giving Up On Love….

1461895_633597363353236_718794985_n“I am sitting here. No room to breathe. This world is becoming a timeless hell to me….It doesn’t matter what I do, nobody is watching. No choice….

Reminding myself what is truly real can never be lost….. even if the whole world falls apart. All that remains is only true love that can expand beyond the horizons of comprehension”

I understood my mission from such a young age and that in my heart I listened and I KNEW I was put here to return this hellish place back to love. I may not have understood how for half of my life…

46946_445036688956240_901513742_nForever I simply and unstoppably

did what I can

with what I have

with what I know

with where I am at.

Completely guided by my heart. Nothing else.

Even if sometimes I starved because I had no money to eat….

Even if I was starved of the extra things we pay to do in life….

1558556_295834040541798_851877835_nI learned LOVE.

Even though it was force-fed down my throat. Even if it wore me out, drowned me, starved me, beat me, bruised me, and took everything away from me. 

I learned LOVE.

Something we don’t pay to obtain.

Something we can never lose….

I work from my heart, solely and purely.

there’s no other way I could work. I tried working in the system and my body became sick. I cannot tell you exactly why but what comes natural to me is to tell you that perhaps my spirit was too strong to allow me to work for something not in alignment with who I am.

I am forced onto this path whether I want it or not.

and I am not special as this is the case for many.

1530525_634045126641793_365928975_nI know someone who recently went through something traumatic that hospitalized them because they were taking part in acts that were not in alignment with who they truly are and the message they are trying to preach.

There comes a time when you have stopped at nothing for so long trying to re-educate, inform, and inspire then there’s that heartbreaking moment when you realize that nobody is watching.

1538945_634100876636218_463038391_nBut for some reason, I keep going.

I Keep Giving

I Keep Flowing

Even if nobody is watching.

I keep going……

For our creator only knows, I have much work to do…and I cannot proceed much longer doing it alone.

In Divine Spirit,

Marina Love

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Women the time is NOW for us to lead. For us to change this world and heal the planet. The way you love yourself ripples and affects the entire world.





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