INTRODUCING: Goddess Body and Weight Loss System


 Are you ready to no longer STRUGGLE with the way you look and feel about your body?

Are you ready to shed the excess weight and emotions that keep you heavy and frustrated?

Are you ready to reveal to yourself just how beautiful and at peace you can be with your body, soul and spirit?


For nearly 2 decades I struggled with my weight….

Being in the modeling/entertainment industry I was being brainwashed by what bodies should look like.
I was in a trance.
I used to binge eat, and was literally AT WAR within myself.
Food was constantly on my mind as if I lived in a third world country and food was no where to be acquired.
I felt horrible and my emotions were completely unbalanced
as a result I know what we as women go through….

Counting calories, measuring everything, the binges, the crash dieting, the deprivation, the sacrifice…

The feeling like S*it and never feeling nourished or satisfied.
This is NOT how we should be living.
AND our ideals about how attain our ideal healthy (GODDESS) Body MUST CHANGE.
Having your dream healthy body is created by building on your strengths.
Simply and sustainably
(so you can maintain your body through all the dinner parties, family gatherings, and vacations)
and most importantly through pleasure!

Goddess beauty is all about authenticity and comfort.
There is no greater comfort than feeling at ease.
Relax and nourish the beauty that’s already within you!

What could having a new body feel like?

Freedom from worrying about what to eat next
Freedom from feeling horrible about yourself
Freedom from hating the way you look in your clothing
Freedom from trying to figure it all out by yourself

I really want to reveal to you how we do it in my new program Goddess Body

I want to give you a taste of what having your Goddess Body

Click HERE to schedule your free 30 minute Goddess Body  Consultation with me!

To your Goddess Body success!


REBECCAAMBERPHOTOGRAPHY-2577Marina Love is a nutritionist, herbalist, cacao shamanista, women’s mentor, writer, speaker, who also makes handcrafted skin care and raw chocolates.


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