10 reasons why Pocahontas is the BOSS of all Disney Princesses

  • By Meredith Blackburn


    1. Her journey is just as inward and spiritual as it is outward and physical.

    2. She is in search of the truth and listens to her heart and her dreams as her guides along the way.

    3. She chooses the unconventional and wild path over the smooth and predictable path, she is excited to see what’s ‘just around the river bend’.

    4. She has TWO close animal friends and a strong willow tree as her spiritual elder.

    5. She lives in the wild and her playground is the forest, mountains and rivers.

    6. She questions everything, and stands up for herself and her beliefs no matter the situation.

    7. She is intuitive, quick witted, funny and reflective.

    8. She has a badass tattoo, never wears shoes, and has hair for days; She is the picture of cool.

    9. Despite John Smith showing up unannounced into her life, she ends up being HIS saviour by helping him see the world through new eyes and by risking her own life to save him.

    9.25 Even though she did so much for him, she learned about herself through loving a man she wasn’t able to be with.

    9.50 She doesn’t marry John, in the end he travels back to his country as she stands solitary and strong on a big ass mountain. Like. A. Boss.

    10. She proves you don’t have to be in a relationship or to be “saved” by anyone to be happy. She finds inner strength and truth through cultivating eternal love for others and her environment.

    La MerMeredith Blackburn is a writer, photographer and explorer of all things. Her weaknesses are men with tattoos, animals, cute kids and anything with the words “Hot” or “Sauce” in it. Her writing, photography and editing are three out of four things that can keep her up all night… The fourth is coffee. What, did you think it was sex? Okay, maybe sex too. She loves to laugh and believes life is too short to take anything seriously; hence, this wonderful bio. She is a woman with the lust to wander and whole heartedly believes, all good things are wild and free. Her favourite Disney Princess is Pocahontas and she has an insatiable desire for anything ocean or surf related. Meredith writes about life, love and philosophies at length.

    You can follow her journey at doveocean.tumblr.com or check out her collection of surf and ocean photographers on the Facebook page, Dove Ocean.