Return to Love: Marina’s Moments with Marianne Williamson

A Powerful dialogue for mothers, daughters, sisters, and KINGS…….

Where have we gone to – and from where did we come? 

Marianne Williamson & Marina Love

“Tears, nightmares, Running mascara, Gasping for air……Every woman alive today KNOWS heartbreak.” 

The warriors were once women, where strength – so innately in us, it was never a question. 

So ladies, I ask – where have we gone?

It’s easy to see when you observe the harsh implants from society, scrambling our ideals of love, beauty, strength, and intelligence. 

No one to blame, yet we are all guilty; when we threw out our identity and worshipped pop culture. 

“You are too flat chested!Your butt is far too big!Your thighs are too fat! Your lips aren’t full enough….with the latest fashion craze being THIGH GAP.” 

We were too broken to teach our daughters NONE of this is correct!

So Tell me darling – who schooled you? Who told your daughter that being herself IS enough?


Who NOW is raising our daughters? Telling her that she IS enough and she is perfect just how you made her?




This is the kind of messages our so deeply beloved “Pop culture” is sending to our children.



She feels EXPOSED…..

She is UNPOPULAR if she is not wearing a Victorias Secret pushup bra at 12…

POP CULTURE  that brainwashes us into our street slang, style, and behaviour…

She is SHAMED for not carrying a designer bag or wearing the latest label….

She virtually has NO VALUE for who she is but for what she is wearing…

If she is INCAPABLE of displaying that she is not part of pop culture…

Her possessions define her…..

Not her behaviour.


So I will ask AGAIN….Where have we gone to – and from where did we come? 

And to the MEN yes you are victims too…

With PORN Teaching you how to love a women

because your fathers were too BROKEN to tell you…


Then we end up with 2 BROKEN PIECES


And as we spiral downwards and away from ourselves.





 Where have we gone to – and from where did we come? 

 Step ASIDE and take PRIDE in BEING who you ARE at your CORE

And I leave you with one last thought dear friends…

Men take your woman for the magic that she is…

“Really love her”

Take her as she comes from the beloved earth..

As one who nourishes..

And TRULY gives birth to CREATION

Women take your man for the magic that he is..

“Really Love Him”

As the sun casts it’s light away in the night

Darkness will fall after the light.

The light that nourishes you

and makes everything inside of you grow….

Give thanks to this man

For he holds space for you


Do not fear his warrior essence

The same exists within you

Know he is honest…..

Plant everlasting seeds of trust together

Even in the stormiest of weather…

Love can be perfection

Or it can be loving an imperfect person


I don’t KNOW

For I know NOTHING

It’s comes from my SOUL

That is all I KNOW

I’m just as confused

or as Brilliant

As everyone else….

With Love you came and it is to Love you shall Return.

Cherish the day.

xoxoxox Marina Love

Beautibul mia minaMarina Love is a Heart Healer and Revealer of Life’s Greater Truths. Being a leader in the fields of Holistic Healing, Nutrition, Herbalism, Longevity, Beauty, Entrepreneurship & Personal/Spiritual Development. Marina studied extensively with The BodyMind Institute and various private programs to acquire authentic knowledge and wisdom. Marina offers Goddess Circles, Cacao Ceremonies and Individual therapy sessions & Programs in addition to her projects Goddesspreneur Academy, Love Movement, and Guiltless Chocolates. Her heart’s mission is to return humanity from headless living into heart harmony based conscious living for the freedom, expansion, and sustainability of the greater good.