Femme Fatale: Ladies the REAL reason you are not attracting your soul mate

Femme Fatale

An attractive and seductive woman, especially one who will ultimately bring disaster to a man who becomes involved with her.

maneater She is a vicious vampire in hiding, one who will smile to your face and speak with the most convincing care. But get her behind closed doors alone by herself and the company she keeps really doesn’t impress her. She is energetically sucking and sniffing out blood; judging and constantly tearing down others, nothing is ever good enough for this woman and her reaction to you is half hidden from you to see.

She is out there eating and feasting on her own lackful sense of self. It’s not confidence these women have it’s a dangerous insecurity covered up, where she will push her way in front of you and walk with her head a little too high. She thinks the world owes her everything. But trust me, it’s only because she is taking too much space out of the world and this is why she cannot have the right guy.

Her abundance of the hormone testosterone is pulsing through her blood, which makes her attractive to the opposite sex. So attracting partners is easy peasy for the femme fatale. But her grandiose sense of self combined with her lack of compassion for others will starve the opposite sex of an authentic nurturing essence that is required.   The Femme Fatale will fool you with her charm, but it won’t keep people engaged for long. Who she is behind closed doors intimately is who the man sees and it’s so shocking! It’s like the boogieman strutting out of the closet wearing high heels!

Deep rooted in a man’s unseen and unspoken needs is the real essence of a woman similar to what a mother provides to her child, someone who is empathic and nurturing. They don’t expect to see cold-hearted, uncaring, selfish, and callous behavior the femme fatale presents.

Many of these women are in the helping professions – as they seek the goodness in others while overlooking and minimizing their faults. Playing a false role of an empathic angel to the devil they know, but refuse to acknowledge.   Her lack of ability to acknowledge herself and feel compassion for others comes from an emotional starvation of the nurturing feminine essence; that positive nurturing from our mothers – our emotional environment which embeds a pattern of woundedness that encourages lashing out an emotional source of energy.

The femme fatale a.k.a sociopath is a product of a broken promise made to women, by women.   She is a product poised to disappear into the immense darkness from which she came unless she can realize herself and transcend her starvation and fill her heart with the sustainable abundance of true authentic love.   Is a sad place to be ladies, and I see so many of your there.

Do you know that your internal world dictates your outer world? Why? because your energy is creating space for situations to manifest. So if you are sincerely looking for a man to be with in the longterm – ladies check yourself! Rather than feeling like all the good ones are taken or don’t exist – look inside yourself to explore what has been taken and doesn’t exist anymore. Often, the femme fatale will feel that she is perfect, whole, and complete – which is a state she (and every human) alive today has the ability to be and is innately our birthright. We are all deserving and capable of giving love, it is just that our reactions to this world has faded and jaded us, and it’s time we come clean.

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