30 Facts you Likely didn’t know about Marina Love

As I enter this new decade of reality dreamscape – saying goodbye to my 20’s and welcoming in the lessons of being a woman in my 30’s – I thought it would be fun to share with you some things that may or may not take you by surprise. 


  1. My real name isn’t Marina
  2. I had a brother that was born before me that passed away, we shared the same birthday
  3. I am Gypsy by blood not because it’s cool
  4. I left my heart on the Champs-Elysees 10 years ago. I must return to Paris to reclaim it!
  5. In Middle school I was the fashion queen. My mom and I made a few of my clothes and altered the others: Lots bell bottoms and of course glitter!
  6. I have African ancestry along with various others – gypsies never tell!
  7. Ive moved at least 50 times since leaving home when I was barely 17
  8. The first dance Choreography I ever did on my own was when I was 12 in my bedroom to Janet Jackson’s “Together Again”.
  9. I worked as a make-up artist for MAC when I was 19 opening the first freestanding store in chinook mall in Calgary, AB.
  10. I was in Air Cadets in my early teens, did boot camps and survival weekend drills, and almost made it to the rank of Sergeant.
  11. I fast in Ramadan
  12. I changed my name every year of middle school – which were always variations of my name. (Typical Gypsy)
  13. I danced in DJ Tiesto’s Elements of Life Tour in 2007, and did set direction and choreography for various artists before they were famous.
  14. I left traditional school at 15. Homeschooled myself and worked at a Tortilla Chip factory as I wanted to save for the ultimate dream of one day opening up a health/beauty center to heal people from the inside out.
  15. You’d never guess where I was born, and I AM NOT TELLING. If you know it is because we have drank each others blood unknowing…..just…kidding!
  16. I have 3 brothers – 1 regular and 2 ninjas
  17. Montreal adopted me in 2009
  18. I spend most of my free time as an introvert alone, researching, dreaming and diving into depths of matter. Stretching, dancing, martial arts, writing, and reading.
  19. Kauai has a special place in my heart
  20. I’ve seen aliens…no no for real not the ones that cross the boarder illegally (I don’t believe they are aliens really, and I do not believe in boarders.) But Extra Terrestrials since I was a little girl.
  21. I am not vegan not vegetarian – I am flexitarian! Although my live-it (not diet) mostly consists of Cacao!
  22. When I was 7 I wrote city counsel because there were statues in a park that were naked and I asked them to put clothes on them. My have things changed as I couldn’t agree with the naturalness of nudity more!
  23. My first business venture was a hair extension company called “True Divas”.
  24. I lived in a rough neighbourhood in LA in 2013 where there had been a prior murder in the house that I stayed in! The ghost was a protector – we’d sleep with our doors unlocked and never got robbed.
  25. Rudolph Steiner and Wilhelm Reich are a few of my favourite areas of study.
  26. Forget weapons! I carry a huge 5 pound crystal in my purse at all times.
  27. I am very goofy, my friends know that after 12am I turn into a pumpkin – it helps me stay in balance between the etherial and physical.
  28. I am a cat person – although my first pets were not of the furry kind. I collected earth worms in the basket of my tricycle.
  29. I am scared of the depths of the ocean and large bodies of water
  30. I am going to be gracing the stage on Feb 20th at A New Woman Today Conference!!!!!! https://www.anewwomantoday.com




Beautibul mia minaMarina Love is a Heart Healer and Revealer of Life’s Greater Truths. Being a leader in the fields of Holistic Healing, Nutrition, Herbalism, Longevity, Beauty, Entrepreneurship & Personal/Spiritual Development. Marina studied extensively with The BodyMind Institute and various private programs to acquire authentic knowledge and wisdom. Marina offers Goddess Circles, Cacao Ceremonies and Individual therapy sessions & Programs in addition to her projects Goddesspreneur Academy, Love Movement, and Guiltless Chocolates. Her heart’s mission is to return humanity from headless living into heart harmony based conscious living for the freedom, expansion, and sustainability of the greater good.