Your Inner State is a Preview of what this World is Becoming….


“If I want wars to end overseas then I must erradicate the division within me. I must love and stand with my so-called enemy even if they disgrace me. I am of service to help them remember: ONLY LOVE IS REAL.” 

Nothing is outside of you. To stop perpetuating war one must LOVE themselves enough to know THAT NOTHING IS SEPARATE.

Without fear we are dignified, unified. Let them hurl grenades and bombs – may it dissolve and resolve as it melts into the light of your heart. 

War: It stops here.

My message to “conspiracy theorists” when we know there is no conspiracy at all. “They” want you to have an energetic charge when knowing about their twisted operations. They want you to talk about it and expose them – why?

Simple: Energy Flows where attention goes. Thus, giving them power.

Their stuff is so haunting that often when knowing about it, we begin to think about it, thinking becomes talking and then next thing you know we have given them all of our power and energy rather than focusing on solutions. 

We live on planet LOVE. We really do, and when you look at nature you realize how everything is in favour of expansion, love, and freedom. Flow with the natural cycle of life, not the endless cycle of collecting useless material and status. It’s not going to free you, love you, or most importantly evolve you.

The tragic visit from sick individuals  a.k.a “Them” developed monetary means that tore us from our tribal sharing and connecting instincts. They controlled us with it, and as a result we lost all of our power, wisdom, tribe, and health. We became hoarders of a false image that granted us nothing but unhappiness and kept us perpetuating the stagnant empty cycle of fear and “collect and show off” rather than band together and share. I truly believe the solution we must bring about now is in distribution (but thats a whole other topic I will post on the future).

Organized Religion formed in this period as well and even though well intentioned, they realized they could keep us in fear and controlled by this medium too. Making us god fearing and dividing us further with our fellow brothers and sisters. Creating war and more and more division.

Eventually they discovered that if they kept us sick and powerless they could make more money. So Big Pharma was created (or as I like to call them “The White Coat Cartel”) – claiming to help, which is deception in and of itself. Pharmaceuticals, in my personal opinion numb and suppress issues rather than heal.

So now we have a society that is obsessed with competing with one another, suffering from side effects of the white coat cartel, botched food/water supply, and chemtrails. Who are brainwashed into all kinds of deception, isolated, and empty inside. The good news is that consciousness is on the rise, and that people are beginning to see how they must make a change.

A lot of them have this inner knowing of all these things and are beginning to take back their power by eating healthy, meditating, sun gazing, and yoga. This is what I call phase 1 of the Ascension process. Phase 2 is the INscention process where one must go inside and clean out their unaligned with source beliefs and behaviours. Phase 2 is a time to go inside and take a deep hard look about what is preventing you from being fully free, unifying, and sharing deeply with others. All the yoga, meditation, and green juices in the world cannot save you from yourself if you are carrying the heavy burden and weight of indoctrination and deception. If you are still feeling empty and viewing life from competition, fear, lack, and war then it’s time to come correct.

Your inner state is a preview of what this world is becoming my darlings. I’ve got my eyes on you humanity and I haven’t missed a blink. Check out this video where I expand on this thought more….

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Come get aligned and let your Soul Shine!!!

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Beautibul mia minaMarina Love is a Heart Healer and Revealer of Life’s Greater Truths. Being a leader in the fields of Holistic Healing, Nutrition, Herbalism, Longevity, Beauty, Entrepreneurship & Personal/Spiritual Development. Marina studied extensively with The BodyMind Institute and various private programs to acquire authentic knowledge and wisdom. Marina offers Goddess Circles, Cacao Ceremonies and Individual therapy sessions & Programs in addition to her projects Goddesspreneur Academy, Love Movement, and Guiltless Chocolates. Her heart’s mission is to return humanity from headless living into heart harmony based conscious living for the freedom, expansion, and sustainability of the greater good.