♥ Guiltless Chocolates ♥



“We believe that magic exists all around us, so by providing you with an experience that opens your heart and vibrates your senses to tap into that reality of magic, we’ve completed our job as wizards in the arts of ancient alchemy!!” – Marina Love, Creator and “Goddess” Chocolatier of Guiltless Chocolates.

Alchemizing pure raw chocolate with some of the worlds most finest,  purest, and healing essences into our magical chocolates and treats!

Available in 6 magical flavors or Alchemized Assortments
guiltlessbanner*Coconut Love *La Vie on Rose *Mexican Spice *Magical Mint *Orange *Superfood*

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We also cater events


Make Customized Cakes and Treats


AND facilitate sacred Cacao Ceremonies!


What People are saying about Guiltless Chocolates

La Vie En Rose“The chocolates I ordered we’re simply amazing. I had no idea what to expect and it was certainly a very pleasant surprise. The taste was just amazing. With no sugar added, the taste of honey was in no way overpowering the chocolate goodness. Different texture from the raw ingredients, but still melts in the mouth like heaven.The list of ingredients was really impressive, nutrition blended with taste at a high caliber of quality, I must say! To top it all off the gift boxes we’re very well presented and came with a complete brochure with everything you would want to know about the product. I will definitely buy again, very impressed.” – Derek, Montreal

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