“Women and Goddess became co-opted and lost in the politics of patriarchy; we forgot who we are, and we are now finding pieces, hidden in myths, dug up in archeological sites, uncovered in the Gnostic Gospels. Old Testament meanings shift: “false gods” become images of a divine feminine. The promised land? A land long settled by goddess-worshipping, art-creating, peaceful people who had sacred groves. History shifts:Athens the cradle of democracy? The cradle of oppressive patriarchy for women. Truth got lost in the transliteration. Women are like amnesiacs who are recovering memory. With nuclear war and overpopulation on the horizon, it is urgent that women awake to the idea that we are the antidote and have the power to change the course patriarchy has set us on. “Gather the women, save the world” is not a tall order when the idea itself may be already moving in the direction of critical mass.”

-Jean Shinoda Bolen M.D.

heart marina loveBefore the birth of the Cacao Ceremonies in my life, I formed a “Goddess Circle” as a heart opening ritual on the new moon where women can gather together and share the stories of our hearts. Moon rituals can manifest a very powerful intention and healing as allowing a new cycle alignment to embody the spirit at the same time as the divine cycle of mother earth and her moon.

Moon Marina Love

Through the circle women learn to trust each other, and become transparent, forming a deeper bond with who they are and shining light on who they are meant to be. They often leave knowing that they have met like-minded women who will become sisters to them, who will unconditionally support of their expansion, and begin to conquer their dreams.

Star Marina Love

I love watching the transformation these circles provide and so I began infusing them with deeper wisdom, teaching workshops at the gatherings to connect the women back to grounding nutrition, holistic beauty, how to harmonize and honour their menstrual cycles, and ultimately how to unleash their inner goddess by removing their inner negative energies that may be present within.

Fly Marina Love

“The Goddess doesn’t enter us from outside; she emerges from deep within. She is not held back by what happened in the past. She is conceived in consciousness, born in love, and nurtured by higher thinking. She is integrity and value, created and sustained by the hard work of personal growth and the discipline of a life lived actively in hope” – Marianne Williamson

In Lavish Love and Lustrous Abundance!