“To Those who know your connection to chocolate runs deep…”

As my journey with making Guiltless Chocolates evolved so did my understanding of Chocolate as Medicine. Where I was introduced to another ancient practice involving cacao: THE CEREMONY

In 2012, I visited the Yucatan area of the Mayas and had a ginormous awakening that forever changed my spin on cacao. I learned that not only were they simply consuming the substance in the ancient times but they were also doing so in gatherings under a common intention to heal and awaken. Shortly after returning I found myself in situations involving medicine people who used cacao in ceremony, and was instructed on how to facilitate.

Proof that whatever you focus on expands indeed, my curiosity presented me with many open doors all for me to explore.

I had my first cacao ceremony on the floor of my kitchen in my apartment in Montreal. It involved 20 guests, music, a whole lot of laughter and tears, and together, us stripping away our fears.

My intention for gathering people and using cacao as the guide for the evening in ceremony – is not only to laugh together, but to truly just to show us what mirrors we are. That what one experiences, we all have the capacity to experience, and through encouraging authentic and fearless expression it allows us to collectively heal. As we dimish the barriers and illusions that we are separate – returning us back into our collective hearts. Reminding us to be gentle with ourselves, others, and not to be too serious in life.

Placing us out of our heads and into the collective heart.