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“……..I had been in search of someone who would guide me in diet and not only supplement and homepathic. I think this is such a unique aspect of Marina’s services. The nutritionists I have dealt with in the past were not nearly as knowledgeable as Marina is. When she gave her speech at the Inspired Living “Spring Tune Up” seminar, I loved the simplicity of her advice …she did not make us feel overwhelmed. She made us feel like taking control of our health was very mangeable. Her information was so fresh and new!! Marina Love you are brilliant!!! The synchronicity of you answering the questions I had in mind was what made me call you the very next day.” -Maria Santa Maria, Montreal QC

How long have you been living on the “Pleasure Path”,  and how did you become a Spiritual Psychotherapist, Holistic Nutritionist/Herbalist, and Goddess Chocolatier?

Many of us are classified by what we do for work, and not necessarily what our heart longs for.  After decades of struggle with my image and health where I battled life-threatening eating disorders and manic depression I realized that the mainstream health system (death system in my opinion) was killing me. I realized my job was killing me, my whole entire circumstance in life was killing me. It wasn’t until I realized that I was in control, researched my way out of it, and allowed others to help me, and ultimately realized that I had a choice on how I wanted to live, that life became one of pure pleasure, harmony, and balance.

If you want to know what I did for work previously, I worked as a model and back-up dancer for many world class artists and DJ’s, as well as was a skin therapist, make-up artist, and beautician. These industries took so much demands of me – emotional, physical, and spiritual demands that over time, warped my insides. I saw the ugliest of the ugly from chemicals to people’s behaviour.

I wanted to end my life and made various attempts at it, where my my lack of will to exist eventually hospitalized me. I got worse, way worse – our present day “health system” completely and utterly failed me so I deperately started seeking alternatives. I studied day and night, sacrificed many hours of sleep, saw this energy healer and that energy healer, took this workshop and that workshop, and completely immersed myself into all holistic health knowledge and herbalism. Which eventually evolved into me stumbling upon raw food and “super foods” as a means to heal my body and mind. AND IT WORKED!!! I started drinking up material from David Wolfe, Dr. Brian Clement and many other big name educators in nutrition and super herbalism, which eventually led me to studying directly under their teachings.

Presently I have completed many institutional courses and personal studies in Nutrition, Herbalism, Longevity, Energetic Medicine, Spirituality, Shamanism, Personal Development, and “Bio-hacking”. I come from a deep place of knowing what suffering feels like, I can relate to the #1 common issue people face – not loving themselves, not feeling good enough and not doing anything about it, and so in 2011 I opened up a coaching practice where I work with women (and some very smart men) to potentiate them into pleasure and their highest potential.

“My heart’s longing is return this world to superior sustainability, well-being, health, love and true authentic beauty. I have chosen a few different modalities in order to work towards this goal, including a delicious tool as a means of delivering this medicine and healing to as many as I can come across.” 

During my studies, trials, and errors in trying to heal my eating disorders, I discovered “Raw” chocolate after my mom handed me a recipe for Superfood raw chocolate balls one day. I made them, and let me tell you it was love at first bite. I have seen first hand how Cacao (chocolate in it’s raw state) is an incredible healer – it took away my binge eating disorder once and for all!! I want everyone to return back to balance and their hearts and live less from their heads – which cacao does so magically. So shortly after launching my coaching practice in 2011 I make began to market and sell the Raw Chocolates that healed me once upon a time ago – fulfilling the role as a “Goddess” Chocolatier and rocking out a new era of chocolates to the world I call Guiltless Chocolates.

How on earth does Chocolate return humanity back to love? Well, this is something the Mayans and the civilizations of Meso-America knew very well upon the discovery of this treasured substance. Is it any wonder chocolate is the world’s #1 favorite food? If you dissect cacao on a molecular level to determine its health benefits the findings all point to this being a substance that is rich in elements that are scientifically proven to open and expand the heart. Beyond anything science can prove my spirit has guided me to work with chocolate in its raw unrefined form.

Not only do I make and sell the chocolates I also lead spiritual ceremonies using cacao as the facilitator with the goal of opening hearts and getting participants to experience the magic of multi-dimensional group heart energy, as to also experience the delicious taste of unrefined sacred chocolate.

As you can see Cacao completely inspires and motivates me to keep using it in as many ways as I can which leads me to my other hearts longing….creating beauty products.

Using my studies in skin therapy combined with my knowledge in herbalism I have created a line of beauty products using cacao butter as the main ingredient infused with exotic herbs as the ultimate radiant skin system. For many years people have been wondering what my secret to having absolutely flawless skin is and now I am revealing the answer. So far I have 2 incredible products that I am really excited about on the market, and I cannot wait to expand the line, so that more women will turn to “flower power” for beauty instead of chemicals and synthetics that in the long run add to the problem in which they are trying to solve through their use. What a vicious cycle that is!

These are the 2 main areas I work with my hearts longing, but there is a 3rd not so obvious one that truly moves me beyond words. For many years as a young women I completely struggled with my stance in society, I was bullied by girls maliciously throughout school, and worked in very competitive industries. I saw the ugliness that females are capable of, and quite sincerely – didn’t understand how on earth girls were so jealous, catty, and down-right vicious. From my understanding women and girls should stand together, there is a special power in numbers. Especially when it’s women working towards a common goal.

In light of this knowing I formed a “Goddess Circle” gathering in Montreal in 2012. Where I would gather women on the full moon’s, we’d enjoy a potluck together, meditate, and begin to share the stories of our hearts. Through the circle women learn to trust each other, and become transparent. They begin to feel like they have sisters who will unconditionally support them, and begin to conquer their dreams. I love facilitating circles and in 2013 I began teaching workshops at the gatherings to teach the women about nutrition, beauty, and well-being, to return them back to nature, back to love. I have decided that 2014 is the year I will take this material and spread it like wildfire!

I love seeing the result my products and offerings provide, and sincerely am excited to see the expansion and impact my workings will bring to humanity over time. In the meantime I will continue to work in the areas of my highest excitement, and am wishing you reading this to do the same!

In Lavish Love and Lustrous Abundance!

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One thought on “♥Marina Love♥

  1. Hello my dearest Marina. Thank you for opening your heart to all of us and inspiring us to not only pursue our true potential, but to not be afraid of it. Much more later.

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