“Moderation, honey, in all things. But love and chocolate.  That’s my motto.”

 ♥  Did someone say chocolate ?  ♥

Years ago I was introduced to what has to be the most revolutionary (and ancient) philosophy known, and that was: CHOCOLATE AS MEDICINE.

But not just any chocolate.

Mina-and-CacaoSomething the Mayans and the civilizations of Mesoamerica knew very well upon the discovery of this treasured substance hundreds of years ago.They referred to chocolate as “cacao” and “Yollotl Eztli” (_Heart_Blood_) because they knew, without any scientific fact that chocolate is in fact connected directly to the heart’s vibration. That is probably why we all love chocolate so much in the first place. However, science is now proving that chocolate in it’s raw format (uncooked and unprocessed) is full of essential minerals that the heart requires to function optimally.

Marina-Love-ChocolateIt is strongly known to me, that the world deeply needs this heart medicine. With the overload of thoughts we act on rather than tuning into the sensation of the heart, what I saw was that chocolate prepared in a very special way could do an impactful part in returning humanity back to love and living from their heart.

Chocolate is the world’s #1 favourite food after all…

For couple of years now, I have been fulfilling the role as a “Goddess Chocolatier”, making chocolate the way nature intended. Using only the most precious cacao in it’s pure raw state, infused  with  the  worlds most  sophisticated  and  exotic  ingredients, I have appropriately named them Guiltless Chocolates.

These chocolates really do restore your connection to your heart,

reintroducing “yollotl ezlti” back to the people,

try them and see…….