“Marina Marina Marina!

I can see why you take so much away from helping others and feeling gratified…it’s because you are totally awesome and in conjunction with the person who commits, you truly do make miracles. I have seen a change in myself that has not been present EVER! And I know I have myself to congratulate but you have given me hope and I have a true sense of pleasure and enlightenment once I apply your tools… I haven’t ever pushed myself this much and genuinely enjoyed it, because it brings me to a place where I’m present and I feel as though I have an identity and a purpose! No one has ever done this for me. I do feel I am very much a different person and am experiencing my rebirth daily.”

Antonella Ruffolo, Teacher/Actress, Montreal QC

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“My experience with Marina Love has been life changing. I am so grateful. With her extensive knowledge she has awakened my mind, body, and soul. Only a week in and I see and feel MAJOR results. It is incomparable to any advice and guidance I received prior to meeting her. The products from Luxe Alchemical Boutique are top quality as are her services. She is a healer and a revealer, This is not only my experience but of countless people I know. What a blessing she is!!”

Jazzmin Qatramiz, Jeweler, Montreal QC

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“Marina carries some potent magic! She really has such a grace about her and a genuine sense of care for her clients. After our sessions together I always feel inspired, energized and ready to take the next step to living the life of my dream.” 

Madeline Mackinnon, CEO Blossom Apotheke, Calgary Alberta


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“Marina is a very skillful teacher who knows what she is speaking about. You feel her passion, her dedication towards healing and empowering people and our environment. Her knowledge about nutrition is amazing. In an environment that sends so much wrong information she helps us clarify and understand what is best for us. Her commitment is contagious and she makes you feel better and more beautiful. Thank you Marina!” 

Corrine Ardon, Conference Interpreter, Montreal QC

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“Inspiration, genuine listening ear, and instinctive guidance. Very wonderful experience, I pray and meditate to relive again and again. Sister Marina is truly blessed on her mission to reinforce the Sisterhood, Womanhood, Queenhood, and Goddesshood. Bless you beautiful soul.”

Matea Saba, Montreal QC

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Marina is incredible, she taught me about superfoods, which are beneficial for the body, mind, and soul! 🙂 But, don’t be afraid, it tastes good! The Al Iksr drink was SO delicious. Every time I leave her workshops I feel revived.   I recommend Marina as your guide to a healthy loving happy life!”

“Marina is amazing! Energetic, knowledgeable, and a great teacher. I had a wake-up Al Iksr and I feel amazing and full of energy at it is 9:15 at night! I love this girl, so positive and full of energy!”

Kevin Nombrado & Kimberly Lam, Montreal Quebec

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“Marina’s knowledge and passion is next to none when it comes to her work and her lore to make each and everyone healthier and better in all ways – body-mind-spirit. She is delightful!” 

Evalina Turpin, Actress/Producer/Stunt Actress/Sky Diver, Montreal, QC

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“Marina Brings me to a whole new world of living. In a blessed offering from mother nature. Every time I join her workshop, I feel like I’m getting the ancient magical secret of life lecture from the eldest chief of the legendary lady village. I learn so much! I believe people in old times have lived in peace and harmony with nature, no waste, and take what’s given with gratitude. Basically, that’s what Marina Love is destined to show the world. And she is doing a beyond amazing job. We need Marina in schools, hospitals, and homes. It is really so sad that the world has come to this point to produce what is harmful and intoxicating to ourselves. I support Marina highly and she is taking us all back to the root of healing within ourselves, that echoes back to mother earth.  It is incredible, she is magical, I feel very blessed to have met Marina Love. Life changes a new begins…”

Takako Haremaki, Artiste/Nail superstar (TicoNail), Montreal QCsoft slit separator


“Coming into a womBmen sharing circle has been extremely needed and beneficial. We are at that time where we as goddesses need to regain our rightful place and reunite. I am so grateful to have met these beautiful sisters. I recommend any womBman to experience a session with Marina Love. She is so on point and amazingly in tune. When you are looking for that balance in your life emotionally, spiritually, physically, you recognize that voice within you speaking through another sister and that’s what Marina does.”

Sheba Blaise, Montreal QCsoft slit separator

”MARINA LOVE IS PURE LOVE! Her studies made me want to be more into me, and take care of my inner strength and be healthy and powerful! Being close to nature is the key to success!”

Annik Boivin, Producer/Publisher, Montreal QCsoft slit separator

“Had a PHENOMENAL holistic nutrition consultation with my dear sister Marina Love- Metaphysical Nutritionist extraordinaire at LUXE Divine Nutrition & Well-Being by Marina Love Movement! I cannot recommend her highly enough! She will teach you how to eat to build your Light Body and increase the I AM Presence on this Earth! Go see her!”
Kalidasi Burgess, Boston Massachusetts
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I feel so strong, supported, and high after my sessions with Marina. She knows how to simply make one feel grounded and purposeful. She is also freakishly intuitive, and knows when I am off track, and quickly comes to my rescue each time.”

Amanda Love, Sales Consultant, Calgary Alberta


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17“Hi Marina! I just want to thank you for today’s consultation, I feel so much better now! After I felt so good, you gave me some great vibrations and I’m really happy  to start working with you! You’re truly amazing and you have such a pure heart, I’m happy to know someone like you!!”

 Laurence Nadon, Artiste, Montreal Quebecsoft slit separator

19I met Marina several years ago when we met at an audition.  Once could sense not only her outer beauty but the beauty that was inside of her.  It was our paths were meant to be crossed.  Our energies were pulling towards one another.

I had always lived a “healthy lifestyle” however I knew there was so much more out there that I did not know of.  It was through seeing the result Marina was having that I saw the difference.  It was then that I slowly began to open to the idea of living a life of divinity and nutrional well being.  I listened to Marina and tried to emcompass some of her methods.  It was then I finally decided to take her on as my practioner after seeing many physicians who would tell me over and over “There is nothing else I can do”.  To me that was not an answer.  I have never been one to give up so Marina was there to become part of my nutritional army.

The changes take time.  There is no quick fix. But in working with Marina you cannot just focus on supplements.  You need to focus on your spiritual and physical well being.  They go hand in hand.  And with that as small as the changes may be at times they are still of great significance and my new way of living a life full of life itself!

Thank you for all your love and understanding Marina.

You are truly an inspiration to living a life of love both inside and out.”

Vania Gomez, Licensed Practical Nurse, Calgary Albertasoft slit separator

“Being a personal trainer, I have always been conscious of my health and wellness. Once Marina created a special raw food meal plan for me, I have had more energy, lost stubborn body fat, and have increased sense of well being! Marina is so knowledgeable in her practice, she can help cure any imbalance in your body. She is so passionate and considerate of her clients because she really cares about you and your health. She goes the extra mile to not only help you live a more filling life, but she also educates u so you can really understand why she creates these individualized programs. Her recipes are so simple and delicious, you won’t believe it’s good for you….but it is!Her chocolate is every girls dream because it is so yummy for and it’s completely guilt free! They are made full of love by Marina herself, and are full of all these amazing ingredients that are so good for you! Trust me when I say that its the only chocolate I recommend anyone to eat on a daily basis, almost essential like a Multi vitamin! If you are ready toembrace a healthier and happier life, then LUXE is for you.” 

Suzy Kaitman, Personal Trainer, Vancouver British Columbia

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21“I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Pedal Essence Eye Cream and Seaweed Eye Gel. I have been using it everyday. I usually use the Pedal Essence Eye Cream in the morning and use the Seaweed Eye Gel in the evening. The Pedal Essence Eye Cream smells amazing and I honestly just want to eat it every time   I put it on, and the thing is if I really wanted to…         I can!!!! – because everything is natural, no harsh chemicals. We are exposed to so many chemicals everyday, the last thing I want to do is put chemicals on my face. I highly recommend these two products and also any of Marina’s products because they are made with love and natural ingredients. Thank you Marina!”     

Ying Han, Actress, Toronto Ontario

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Fr16om the moment we met, a great connection was ignited. I felt comfort and contempt in the knowing that her spirit was close. The reality of our two worlds are completing. The knowledge and wisdom that she has on the way life manifests from within has been so encouraging. Happiness is just one of many emotions that I have felt since the beginning of our interactions. Day after day, her coaching has allowed me to align my mind and body to face the future ahead. Her coaching is often short and direct which has allowed us to enhance our time together in the broadest topics. In the few months that have passed, from our few interactions, I have started receiving more and more income, more clients, more positive relationships and more OPPORTUNITIES! To say that Marina is anything short of my angel sent from heaven would be a huge understatement. We continue to evolve and learn from one another, facing heartbreak and abundance, the strength within is magical. When I say magic, I mean incomprehensible but still very real, day after day it is witnessed by myself and my entourage. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for coming into my life, like a breath of fresh air, showing me what it means to soar over my limitation and start living in the depth of my imagination. I feel grateful, encouraged, excited, determined, fearless, confident, powerful, supported and LOVED. I hope to spend more time with you. Anyone who should be so luck to have time with you should take full advantage of this opportunity. Much love @ LOVE MOVEMENT.

Jinendra Shah,  Montreal QC

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20Marina is a very special soul with much wisdom, love and medicine to share. She is a ball of energy which is super refreshing and contagious!. Marina Love is passionate about her mission of healing others and is fully committed! she is so full of light that by just being in her presence, it brings peace to the heart. Ohh and her chocolates are intoxicating!! Love you Marina!!!

Farwa K, Montreal QC

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“What I am inspired to say is that my performance at my 10 km run has been the best that I have had in the three months that I have trained for this. Marina, the one precise definite moment that I thought of you with gratitude was when I got to 8 km of running and I felt as light as a feather, smile on my face, and more energy than at the beginning of the race. And when I got to the finish line, I was thinking, gosh, I want to continuing running another 2 km!!! And I know that it’s because of the power foods that you suggested. So thank you for that!”

Lara Serapian, Montreal QCsoft slit separator